Balloons for children at weddings and parties

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Balloons for children at weddings and parties

Balloon modelling

Balloon modelling is a great way to make a wedding or party memorable for children. Sometimes small children need that extra bit of attention to keep them occupied and balloons are the perfect way to do this.
While children love magic, sometimes the attention span of small children can dwindle and this is where balloons come in.

I can make a huge variety of balloon models from dogs, hats, penguins through to teddy bears. These balloon models are very appealing and children will treasure them. Some of the models I make, like hats and bracelets, are able to be worn by the children and this stops them getting lost.
The balloon models look wonderful and always get a great deal of attention from adults and children alike.

Even if you are not sure if balloon models would be a good idea or not, I will be happy to bring them with me and discuss it on the day. Wherever you are holding your event I will always be happy to talk over the entertainment I can provide.


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