Kay Ridgeway

22nd June 2024

You were absolutely out of this world!


2nd April 2024

Thank you SO much for the most amazing evening. I think it’s safe to say that you have mesmerised, stunned and thrilled us all tonight.  Believe me, there were adult professionals behaving like children - and that was nothing to do with alcohol!  You truly are an amazing, talented, 1st. Class entertainer and professional. Thank you for an outstanding service, I couldn’t be more delighted and absolutely blown away. OUTSTANDING!

Natalie Dewar

12th February 2024

Thank you so much for performing at our wedding. Myself, Nick and all our guests were totally amazed by your magic. You blew our minds! Everyone is still talking about it now and wanting to book you! So glad we booked you, worth every penny, absolutely outstanding And you even made the sun appear for us, wow!

Mr and Mrs Birch

9th November 2023

We were sold when we saw your polo trick at the wedding fair and booking you was one of the best decisions we made. Everyone was completely stunned and you really bought that extra something special to our drinks reception. People are still talking about you and many are still trying to figure out HOW?!?

Janine Morgan

13th September 2023

Just want to say a massive thank you for working your magic at our wedding, you were incredible. Everyone I spoke to was blown away with your talent!!! Thank you for making our wedding even more special we loved having you there and would highly recommend you to everyone thanks again you were amazing.

April Cullen

7th July 2023

Luke, what can I say?.. You were absolutely amazing...we are still trying to work out how you did all that magic. Such positive feedback from all my friends and family... We were sad to see you go...! Thank you for being so brilliant ..and will be definitely recommending you to everyone I know...

Carys Thomas

6th June 2023

I was a guest at the wedding yesterday and was absolutely blown away by your tricks! I'm still baffled by them all! I was just wondering if you have any availability for our wedding...

Abbie and Mike

4th May 2023

We had the most wonderful day. All the guests were blown away with you, you are the best at what you do!

Emma Morris

21st March 2023

You were outstanding and thank you again for being at our wedding! It really brought something special to it!

Sophie and Justin Bevan

19th January 2023

Morning Luke, Just wanted to email and take the time to say thank you for Saturday. Justin and I can't thank you enough for the fun and laughter you brought. Hearing clapping and gasps of amazement from everyone you even wowed the unbelievers in the room. Guests keep giving me wonderful feedback and can't wait to catch you again at other events. One quote "My mind feels violated in a good way" 🤣  

Mandy Alcock

14th December 2022

You blew my mind away in my nephews wedding at Peterstone Court November 2014! Have followed your page ever since! You are brilliant! Still can’t work out how you did the Magic!!

Sarah Collins-Davies

16th November 2022

Our guests adored you at our wedding. They’re still talking about your tricks nearly 6 months later!

Sarah & Barry

23rd September 2022

What can I say but WOW! Thank you for being at our wedding in Crug Glas last Saturday. Our guests are still talking about you! You were absolutely fantastic. How you do it I don’t know, I just wish I’d seen the orange and apple trick everyone is talking about but it’s a definite excuse to book you again in the future.

Katherine Thomas

6th August 2022

We wanted to thank you so so much for Saturday, you were absolutely fantastic! We have had so many compliments since on how fab you were and how unique your performance was. We are super grateful as you made the day so memorable to many guests.

Michael Bassett

30th June 2022

The best close up magician I have ever seen and a great bloke too.

Emily and Aled

11th May 2022

I just wanted to thank you again for being such a wonderful part of our wedding! Everyone absolutely loved you and the magic and we loved seeing their reactions to you! I can honestly say you were the most talked about person on Sunday when family joined us for a bbq!

Catherine Walder

18th April 2022

HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED! Our guests LOVED you at our Wedding, as did we. Thanks Luke.

Clive Etheridge

5th March 2022

One of the best decision's we made having Luke at our wedding... OUTSTANDING... Don't delay.. book him today...

John & Rebecca

19th December 2021

Luke, we can't thank you enough for the outstanding entertainment you provided at our wedding this weekend. Ourselves and our guests were blown away by your performances and everyone has commented how amazing you were! Thank you again for helping to make our day so special. 

Janine Morgan

9th November 2021

I just want to say a massive thank you for working your magic at our wedding. You were incredible, everyone I spoke to was blown away with your talent!! Thank you for making our wedding even more special, we loved having you there and would highly recommend you to everyone. Thanks again you were amazing. xx

Leah Moses

7th October 2021

Everyone is still talking about your magic, it was amazing, thank you so much for making our day so special.

Rebecca Jones

11th September 2021

You were outstanding!! Everyone was gobsmacked at how good you were! A very talented gentleman!

Rhiannon Goodall

13th August 2021

You are amazing, an absolutely outstanding magician!

Georgia and Will

6th July 2021

Thank you so much for entertaining our guests last Saturday. Every single person there commented on how wonderful you were and that they had not seen a magician ever like you before. It was definitely an excellent choice to have you there.

Mark Callingham

9th May 2021

Hi Luke, we just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday. Everyone was blown away by you! We will leave you a 5 star review in the next few days!

Amy George

4th June 2020

"I had family members questioning if Luke was supernatural, as they couldn’t figure out how any of the tricks were done... they were still discussing some of the tricks over breakfast, shaking their heads in disbelief."

Margaret Hammond

24th May 2020

"We had Luke at our wedding and he got a few more bookings due to being utterly amazing. We still talk about it now and we got married in 2016!"


20th April 2020

"Just a quick note to say thank you for making a very special evening more MAGICAL! We are all awestruck at how you managed all the tricks right under our noses!! The card in the ice I will add to the list of things I think about when unable to sleep!!!"


15th March 2020

"You were absolutely amazing on Saturday. You made our wedding. My dad kept following you around because he was astonished by you. Thanks again."

Craig & Rachel Hartnoll

1st February 2020

"Thank you so much for entertaining at our wedding yesterday, our guests have not stopped talking about how amazing you were and how blown away everyone was, such an amazing day and you made it a millions times better. We loved it, thanks again Luke."

Richard and Lindsey Chambers

28th November 2019

"Again, we would like to thank you for being part of our day! We and our guests really loved your act, sense of showmanship and the whole presentation of how you do, what you do!"

Jolene and Aled

8th November 2019

"You were amazing! All our guests loved you. I have had people commenting for days about your magic! Thank you so much. We had so much fun with you."

Kate Richards

2nd October 2019

"Absolutely everyone thought you were amazing and we are still talking about you!!"

Louise Wilcox

18th September 2019

"You're amazing, with a beautiful personality to go with it. I will never forget my wedding day, you made it so special xxx"

Keira Jean Bradshaw

28th August 2019

"We saw you at a wedding very recently and you blew our minds!"

Rachel and Mike

5th August 2019

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for performing at our wedding the other week. Loved hearing everyone's reactions it was amazing as was the whole day. You really did add some magic to our day."

Tina Beattie

9th July 2019

One of the best choices made for my daughter Liz and son in law Alex's wedding day, our guests are still talking about you.

Alan Carter

27th June 2019

Hi Luke, many thanks for your entertaining magic show on Friday . Everyone loved you, and can't stop talking about how you did the tricks. You really made my daughter Danielle's wedding day a memorable one. I can't thank you enough.

Mr & Mrs Coombes

25th May 2019

We just wanted to thank you for your magic at our wedding. You were a fantastic addition to the day and our guests haven’t stopped talking about you since. Hope to see you again in the future.

Charlotte Fahey

2nd May 2019

Thank you so much for performing at our wedding, guests are still talking about you now and wanting to book you themselves!! I’ve literally no idea how you did what you did, you’ve blown our minds!!! So talented and worth every single penny!

Sybil Crouch

30th April 2019

Thank you so much for a wonderful performance at the party. So many people have told me how absolutely amazing they thought you were.

Martin Tidley

10th April 2019

You were brilliant at our wedding!

Scott Hanford

3rd April 2019

Luke was awesome, blew my mind!  

Collin John

31st March 2019

Thanks again for another excellent performance at the Cross Inn, and I know that people are still talking about the magic that you performed at Ed and Ceirios’s wedding at the Corran back in June – it distracted all the guests from the ghastly wet weather outside quite brilliantly!

Cynthia Morgan

16th March 2019

You are amazing!

Gary Williams

26th February 2019

Excellent...baffled everyone!

Stacey Morris

4th February 2019

I think people will be talking about this for years!! Great entertainer!

Louise Dalgleish

28th January 2019

"Best day ever!! All our guests were blown away!!"

Joanne Gilley

15th January 2019

"We still talk about you nearly 4 years after our wedding!"

Lloyd Hotchkiss

18th December 2018

"I wanted to say a huge thank you for your amazing magic at our wedding on Saturday. Everyone loved it!"


1st December 2018

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your magic at our wedding. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and are still talking about it!"

Sarah Knight

16th November 2018

"Now that we are back from honeymoon, I wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for entertaining our guests on our wedding day.  The feedback we had from everyone was universally fantastic - everyone was hugely impressed and it certainly did the job in terms of breaking the ice between the guests and people were talking about your tricks well into the evening."

Stevie Morgan

25th October 2018

"This guy is absolutely incredible! INSANE! Very impressed, I'd highly recommend!"

Gavin Morgan

4th October 2018

"I just wanted to say from my self and the wife a massive thank you for yesterday, the whole thing was 100% brill and we're still in shock how you did it. As are all our guests. Thanks for coming you were truly amazing!"

Debbie Chapman

11th September 2018

"Hi Luke, you performed at our wedding on Saturday at The Thomas Arms Hotel. We would just like to say how wonderful you were! All our guests were truly amazed at the magic you performed! That's all they could talk about that night and since we ever see someone who was at the day of the wedding! We can't rate you highly enough! We had seen you at a friends wedding 3 years ago and as soon as we booked our wedding we booked you straight away as we had to have you at ours! Truly amazing! Thank you! You kept them entertained for over 2 hours in between the day and evening changeover! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Chris Morris

27th August 2018

"I wanted to send you a quick message from Stacey and I to thank you for doing such a good job yesterday at our wedding. So many of or guests have commented on how amazing you were. You really did add something special to our day for our guests. They couldn't speak highly enough of you."

Katie Louise Thomas

18th August 2018

"A quick message to say thank you so much for performing at our wedding! Everyone was absolutely amazed and nobody wanted you to leave. If we could have had you there all day we would have. We were even talking the following day of another occasion we can hire you again for!"

Barbara & Geoff

10th August 2018

"Just to say a MASSIVE magical thank you for a superb performance to our wedding guests , we all had the best time and you made it fun and simply perfect! Everyone was laughing and talking about it all day and they thought you was the best ever seen, which you are."

Deva and Nico

1st August 2018

"We both just wanted to give a massive thank you for doing some amazing magic at our wedding  at Rhosygilwen. Everyone was in awe and loved your performance, really mesmerising. If we or someone else needs something similar one day we will be sure to give you a big recommendation. Thank you again for a magical wedding."    

Louise Wilcox

19th July 2018

"You're amazing I will never forget you for what you did in our wedding xxx"

Nicola Davies

10th July 2018

"Luke was amazing!! Everyone was gobsmacked at the magic!!"

Amy Abraham

28th June 2018

"I had him at my wedding... good good good choice!!!"

Leanne & James Taylor

3rd June 2018

"Luke, myself and James would like to say a big thank you for our wedding on Sunday, you performed some brilliant magic and our guests were amazed. Thank you for making our day that much more special."

Bradley Lewis

1st June 2018

"The best in the business!"

Susan Mason

21st May 2018

"Hi Luke, I would like to thank you for making Rachel and Matthews wedding day extra special yesterday with your amazing magic tricks. All our guests are talking about it!"

Victoria Egan

8th April 2018

"I'm still amazed, you were just fantastic!"

Mr & Mrs Keyes

24th March 2018

"All my guests loved you!! Honestly you made the day!

Anna Chappell

16th February 2018

"Well, after seeing your performance on Saturday at the wedding of Rhys and Natalie in Margam Park I was totally overwhelmed and gobsmacked! Absolutely brilliant and you went down a storm! I'm still speechless! So now I would like to book you for my wedding on..."

Roger Thomas, Corporate Head of Response

1st February 2018

"Thanks again for entertaining our guests – you were amazing!"

Meryl Evans

19th January 2018

"Just a quick word to thank you for your performance on Saturday night. Everyone really enjoyed and were amazed and everyone was still talking about it all day yesterday!"

Sion and Ellie

12th January 2018

"Sion and I would just like to say thank you so much for yesterday. People are talking about you even now on how amazing you were. You really entertained us all and made our day extra special. I will definitely recommend you to everyone, so well deserved."

Norman & Sarah Ward

30th December 2017

"We would both like to thank you for the most amazing performance you gave at our evening wedding party at the Treetops Saturday,  we have received numerous texts and calls thanking us for a lovely entertaining evening and everyone is raving over your act. You will definitely come highly rated by us, and we wish you every success and happiness for the future."

Maddie Young

18th December 2017

"Both myself and Marc were mesmerised by your magic."

Kelly Bennett

8th November 2017

"Thank you so much. Everyone was so amazed by your magic! Everyone is still talking about it which is amazing! Still baffled by how it works but it was incredible and something we will never forget. I will definitely be recommending you to all my engaged friends!"  

Jenna Pile

1st November 2017

"You were amazing at our wedding and all the guests are still talking about you!"

Hayley Jones

16th October 2017

"You are amazing at what you do and we were absolutely blown away by your magic! You made our day extra special and our guests are still talking about you now! We always recommend you to everybody and hope to book you again for any upcoming events."

Amy Timbrell

4th October 2017

"Thank you for making our day so special, our guests are still dumbfounded with your magnificence as are we. I have bragged you up to everyone so thank you very much again, much appreciated."

Jemma & Kristian

1st October 2017

"We, along with all of our guests, were amazed by you at our wedding. I have recommended you to friends and will continue to recommend you over and over again. I hope we are lucky enough to see you again in the future."

Harry Angell

September 25th 2017

"You were loved by everyone. You really helped make the day."

Mr & Mrs Adams

19th September 2017

"You were fantastic and the guests still talk about you now. Thank you again for helping make our day so special."

Stacey Parvin

21st August 2017

"You were amazing!"

Gemma and Chris

16th August 2017

"Thank you for your amazing and mind boggling work. Our guests are still talking about your visit to our special day!"

Emma Fullstone

14th August 2017

"Everyone loved you at our wedding..!!"

Neil & Danielle Hall

1st August 2017

"I Just wanted to say a big thank you from myself and my wife. Everyone at the wedding really enjoyed your performance and are still to this day talking about it. You were the first thing we booked for the wedding and what a great choice is was! Thanks again and hopefully we both get to see you again someday!"

Stephanie Rogers

9th July 2017

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Saturday. Everyone absolutely loved you and you helped make our day the perfect day it was. James is a little annoyed he can't work out how you did any of the magic but we can't wait to book you again for any occasion possible in the future!"

Martin Hughes

1st July 2017

"You legend! You kept all our guests at our wedding entertained and they are still talking about it 48 hrs after.  Highly recommended, very friendly and very professional. Thank you for being understanding as we were running late."

Sarah Jones-Sandell

18th June 2017

"You are truly amazing. Even though we were a small wedding you made the most of it. Our guests really enjoyed and you left us all speechless. Thank you, I can't recommend you enough, just brilliant."  

David Long
Mayor of Llandeilo

2nd June 2017

"It was an amazing display of magic by Luke, he had everyone gasping with delight."

Alana Williams

25th May 2017

"What an amazing man! I honestly do not know how he does his tricks! Blew my mind!"

Jen Richards

15th May 2017

"You were brilliant at our wedding Luke - thank you so much!"

Emma Brimfield

4th May 2017

"You were absolutely amazing!"


23rd April 2017

"I saw David Copperfield in Las Vegas 2 years in a row and because some of his tricks the second year were the same I was able to see how he did them. This is the second time for me to see Luke and I'd seen a couple of the tricks before, but on my life we have not got a clue how he's does them. I think what he's actually doing is real magic... AMAZING AMAZING!"

Stephen Brace

15th April 2017

"I'd just like to thank you for making my son's engagement party last Saturday. I don't think there was anybody at the party who has not contacted me saying how brilliant you were."

Kate Evans

27th March 2017

"Fantastic man, I'd recommend him to anyone. He made our day."

Betan Adams

22nd March 2017

"Thank you Luke for making our day so memorable for not only us but our guests too ? we got married on the 2nd December and people are still talking about the magic!! Just came across the photo you gave us too!! Absolutely incredible talent. xx"

Lisa Morgan

15th March 2017


Pamela Lou

5th March 2017

"This guy was amazing!"

Kevin John

28th February 2017

"My favourite Magician, you knew he was here by the loud screams of laughter coming from people at their tables, an amazing Magician."

Sian Jones

25th February 2017

"He was out of this world!! We were all mesmerised by him."

Jodie Preece

16th February 2017

"He is just the best!"

Ellie Boreham

1st february 2017

"Anyone looking for a highly skilled magician for your events this is your guy! Absolutely top class and a truly lovely person too!"    

Debbie Williams

26th January 2017

"Thank you! People are still complimenting you. In fact my friend's husband wants to book you to just perform at his house, he was that impressed!"

Leeanne Thomas

15th January 2017

"I have to thank you,  you truly made our night.  Everyone enjoyed and you've been the hot topic ever since.  My work colleagues are still in shock!"

Ruth Herdman

6th January 2017

"Paul and I just wanted to thank you again for the entertainment you provide on Saturday night.  You were the talk of the evening (and the next day) and really helped the party go with a bang.  I have since had lots of our guests ask for your contact details so I hope to see you at another function in the future."    

Donna Thomas

4th January 2017

"You blew us away!!"

Kayleigh Brown

29th December 2016

"Thank you so much. It was a very special day! You were fantastic and everyone hasn't stopped talking about you! You were absolutely amazing! I will definitely be booking you for a future event."    

Anya Jenkins

15th December 2016

"You were great at the wedding, really fried some heads, lol!"

Mike Phillips

1st December 2016

"One word, brilliant!"

Kayleigh Phillips

23rd November 2016

"Absolutely amazed all of our guests last week! If anyone is looking for someone to entertain their guests at a wedding I highly recommend Luke... but prepare to be completely baffled!!!"

Hannah Thomas

20th November 2016

"You performed at my sisters wedding about 4 years ago in Caerphilly and we all still remember how great you were!"

Rachel Breivold

15th November 2016

"Amazing, you left everyone speechless!"

Joanne Debenham

8th November 2016

"Thank you so much for coming, everybody loved you!"

Hannah Jenkins

1st November 2016

"Luke, thank you sooooooo much for being a part of our wedding on Saturday! Our guests are still talking about your amazing magic tricks! You amazed every person at our wedding and you were so professional, friendly and relaxed! Thank you so much - we can't recommend you enough! Thank you!!"

Shelley Williams

20th October 2016

"We first met you in February 2014 where you did my brother in law's wedding, we enjoyed it so much you were booked for mine that October. My son is now getting married next year and we are hoping you are free."

Jodie Griffiths

11th October 2016

"Thank you Luke for your amazing magic for our wedding reception on Friday night. I am still in awe at your ice trick amongst your other tricks. Mind blowing!"

Samantha Cogan

9th October 2016

"Thank you so much again for being so fantastic, you were a real highlight of the day. All our guests loved you!"

Kate and Craig

1st October 2016

"Thank you so much, you were amazing!"

Tamar and Sam

27th September 2016

"Thank you so much for our wedding on Monday! You are amazing and the guests haven't stopped talking about how good you were since!"

Hannah Smith

21st September 2016

"Thank you so much for Saturday - you were absolutely incredible! We had a little family tea yesterday and everyone was still talking about how amazing you were!"

Kim Jones

1st September 2016

"We were so pleased to have you. Our guests thought you were amazing, not just your unbelievable magic but your personality too."

Richard & Nia Beynon

28th August 2016

"A massive thank you for performing at our wedding day Luke. Your magic was just out of this world, I'm still puzzled today. You really brought the house down with your tricks and are probably the most talked about man in Aberdare after your performance. Our guests and us absolutely loved every second of your magic, and we can't wait for another event just to book you again. Would also like to make a point that was constantly told to us by guests. That not only is your magic (quite literally magic) but everyone loved your wit, sense of humour, and the way you carried yourself. Not just the best magician ever, but a kind, extremely funny guy. We look forward to seeing you again, and wish you all the best for the future."

Grace McFadzean

13th August 2016

"Thank you so much for the entertainment you provided on our wedding day, it was perfect and people are still talking about it now!"

Karen Kelsey

5th August 2016

"Thank you so much for performing at our wedding on Friday, everybody said that you were fantastic and the tricks you did were brilliant!"

Laura Kelly

27th July 2016

"Everyone has been commenting on how amazing you were, we all thoroughly enjoyed your entertainment!"

Mathew Williams

24th July 2016

"Once again thank you very much for your fantastic entertainment on the day. You're a very professional and a down to earth guy, I think I can safely say everyone enjoyed themselves and were all amazed."

Ellie Thomas

15th July 2016

"You were absolutely fantastic, our friends and family are still trying to work out how you did all your magic. I really think now magic exists! Amazing,  thank you again. I will be definitely recommending you and booking you for further occasions."

Daynah Huxtable

12th July 2016

"Luke, I'd like to say a massive thank you to you on the behalf of myself, my husband and my wedding guests. Your magic was fantastic and shocked everyone. You made my niece so happy with your magic. I've seen you at a friends wedding and I was mesmerised by you and me and Adam knew then we just had to have you entertain at our wedding. You truly are magic!!! Thanks again, I cant recommend you enough."

Adam Bejuga

1st July 2016

"Thank you again for your brilliant magic on the day - we will always recommend you and hopefully see you at an event sometime soon!"

Sean Kelly

27th June 2016

"More amazing every time I see you!"

Julie Jeffries

21st June 2016

"We had a fantastic day and you were a massive hit."

Sarah Mann

13th June 2016

"Our guests still talk about your magic now, thank you so much again, you made our wedding!"

Marc Jones

10th June 2016

"A great evening of entertainment - I will definitely recommend you."

Emma Louise Kinnear

1st June 20116

"The day was amazing!! Luke you were brilliant. Worth every single penny and more!"

Alun Isaac

17th May 2016

"Brilliant, amazing close up magic show last night. Great surprise for all of our wedding guests. Thanks for your patience with the kids and helping to make the evening special."

Jim Duncombe

12th May 2016

"Thank you very much for your close up magic performance today at Marion's party. It was absolutely amazing, I just can not work out the coin and fork trick. In fact all of the tricks were just impossible.  We are all now having a light meal and only one subject of conversation...... YOU!"

Natalie and Gareth

1st April 2016

"Many thanks for last night. The guests absolutely loved you and you were great!"

Emily Louise

21st April 2016

"Thanks for the awesome magic at our wedding last Sunday!"    

Michelle Williams

15th April 2016

"Everyone loved you and they all kept asking "Aghh how does he do that?" Thank you for everything."

Amy Abraham

12th April 2016

"Best wedding magician ever!"

Alexis Thomas, CILEX

2nd April 2016

"I want to express my thanks for Saturday as you were a major hit. Everyone was absolutely amazed and we would certainly love to use you for future events."

Sally Smith

29th March 2016

"The best magician I have ever seen!"

Paul Lawrence

21st March 2016

"You were the hit of the day."

Shelley Williams

19th March 2016

"You made our wedding party. It was the talk of the night, thank you."

Damian Davies

10th March 2016

"Luke, on behalf of my new wife and I we'd like to thank you so much for making our wedding day extra special yesterday with your extraordinary performance. Truly amazing and highly recommend."

Michelle Morgan

6th March 2016

"You were the highlight of our day on Saturday! "

Louise Knight

29th February 2016

"Luke, you were absolutely amazing, you have made me believe that magic is real."

Rhian Jeffers Millar

22nd February 2016

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for entertaining our wedding guests. Everyone was amazed by you and are still talking about the magic!! Definitely highly recommended. Many thanks."

Kiley Tyler

18th February 2016

"We had Luke at our wedding and he's so amazing. We would recommend to anyone and everyone."

Darren Manning

9th February 2016

"Thank you so much for being part of our day Luke, all our guests were amazed by you, thanks again."

Julie Holland

5th February 2016

"Wow! thanks so much for performing at our wedding and making it so special. You blew everyone's mind! We would not hesitate in booking you again the first chance that we can get, AMAZING!"  

Mr & Mrs Hartshorn

30th January 2016

"Thank you Luke for performing at our wedding on Friday. You had everyone amazed! They're still talking about you now! Well worth every penny!"

John Williams, TESCO

26th January 2016

"Well done for Tuesday night, it was amazing!"

Paul Griffiths FAITHFUL & GOULD

18th January 2016

" The magic show was excellent on Friday and it has been the talk of the office for the past few days."

Laura Boast ARVATO UK

12th January 2016

"Thank you so much for Friday, we have received brilliant feedback from our colleagues who were amazed by you."

Carly & Matt

7th January 2016

"We were super impressed and we know loads of the girls there have also had you at their weddings and highly recommend you!"

Meilyr Wyn Hughes

5th January 2016

"I have been in your company on numerous occasions and am totally amazed by your work!"

Kirstie Jones

28th December 2015

"Nearly three years on people still talk about you at our wedding. You really did make the day, amazing talent!"

Amy Abrahams

23rd December 2015

"We loved having you at our wedding and love watching you perform!"

Victoria Jayne Boyle

22nd December 2015

"You made our wedding so super special and everyone loved you! We still have conversations about the "amazing magician at the wedding" and the fact the card was on the roof for days after!"

Teena Evans

18th December 2015

"Really well done, you were fantastic!"

Sarah Chappell

13th December 2015

"Thank you so much for Saturday night! You were amazing! All our guests were raving about you."

Lisa Craven

8th December 2015

"I would like to say a HUGE thank you, all of our guests loved you. You truly captivated all our friends and family and my children loved you especially."

Andy & Anita

6th December 2015

"Your magic is amazing and left us speechless!"

Tony Holland

30th November 2015

"Penn and Teller made me gasp once in ninety minutes, Luke at my wedding made me gasp five times in ten minutes. I now believe in magic!"      

George Hammerton

24th November 2015

"You blew our minds!"

Tracey Etheridge

17th November 2015

"You really made our wedding!"

Llinos and Jon

10th November 2015

"Jon and I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! Honestly, you were outstanding and all of our guests were utterly amazed. I genuinely hope to see you providing that much joy at every event we go to in Swansea!"

Katie Davies

4th November 2015

"The best magician we have seen."

Gemma Watson

1st November 2105

"Thank you so much for making our day so special. Our friends and family are still taking about how good you were and still trying to work out your tricks!"

David Barker

26th October

"Thank you for 'performing' at my mother's 90th birthday lunch. As I live over 300 miles away, I had to book you 'on instinct' and I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed! Your communication before the day was second to none and helped to give me confidence. The magic which you performed and your entertaining style was perfect. My mother was captivated and I have received so much good feedback from the guests. You truly put the icing on the cake for us! Honestly, you did exactly what I wanted a more - you gave the lunch that 'Wow Factor!"    

Gareth Williams

21st October 2015

"Thank you so much for the show you put on for Sarah and myself. Since the wedding it is the main part of the day that people have been talking about, you were outstanding and you really made our day special."

Matt Thomas

16th October 2015

"The magic you did at my wedding was awesome and everyone still hasn't stopped talking about it, even the bar staff were amazed!"

Huw Payne

11th October 2015

"Luke, you recently performed at my wedding in Crickhowell, thank you, you were fantastic and kept our guests talking hours after you left. I have recommended you to everyone."

Naomi Miller

6th October 2015

"We were AMAZED and thoroughly enjoyed the evening."

Hayley Lewis

28th September 2015

"I just wanted to say how fab you were on our wedding day. I have had so many comments from our guests about you, you blew everyone away!"

Sam Davies

23rd September 2015

"I would like to thank you again for your work in the wedding, everybody there was blown away by your skills, it made the day even more perfect. I've even given your number to a couple of people who requested it."

Jon & Llinos

21st September 2015

"Thank you so much for setting a great tone for the evening, everyone said how amazing you were and we'll happily recommend you to anyone in the future."

Rebecca Robinson

14th September 2015

"We all thoroughly enjoyed and were entertained no end, thank you so much!!! My brain is still frazzled by you!"

Jimmy and Angela

10th September 2015

"Thanks again for making our day and evening so enjoyable for us and our guests, who are still talking about you, you were fantastic."

Christine Jones

6th September 2015

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for entertaining our guests on Saturday. Everyone thought you were amazing and we were still talking about your tricks the following day. I'm still trying to figure out how you did the trick with our signatures on two different cards into one card!! Thank you again."

Anne Harris

2nd September 2015

"You were absolutely fantastic in our daughter's wedding... very entertaining!"

Samantha Wheeler

29th August 2015

"Jon and I cannot thank you enough for the amazing magic that you did for us and our guests at our wedding. You were fabulous! All our guests have been talking about you and the brilliant, mind boggling magic you performed! It was such brilliant entertainment."

Helen and Alex

21st August 2015

"Thank you so much for your performance at my wedding. It was truly 'magical' and all the guests loved you. I've seen some really bad close up magicians in my time but you were absolutely faultless and the best I've ever seen. I think the guests talked more about you than anything else!"

Hazel Posso

16th August 2015

"We are so happy with the way the wedding went and everyone was talking about how great the magician was and how much they enjoyed your performance. We really enjoyed it, you were fantastic."

Darren and Emma

15th August 2015

"We wanted to say how pleased we were to have you perform your magic at our wedding yesterday. Everyone was entertained, both adults and children, and they all said how amazing you were."

Kelly Bentley

10th August 2015

"Thank you so much! Everyone loved you and we are still talking about you."

Julia Mathews

7th August 2015

"Graham and I would like to thank you for entertaining us and our guests at our wedding on Saturday, everybody sooooo enjoyed your amazing magic and are still talking about it today!!! We will certainly be recommending you to everyone!"
  • Richard Gardner
    "Many thanks indeed for everything you did on the day, we had so many comments from guests saying that you were fantastic. Kelly and I are both really looking forward to seeing the official photos and everyone's reactions to your tricks!"
    Richard Gardner
    3rd August 2015
  • Kirsty Lodwick
    "You were absolutely amazing and the talk of the evening. Thank you for your wonderful entertainment."
    Kirsty Lodwick
    31st July 2015
  • Laura Gillard
    "We have just come back from honeymoon and I just wanted to give you a huge thank you! You were amazing and everyone loved you, you had the most compliments by far! Hope to see you again very soon!"
    Laura Gillard
    23rd July 2015
  • Chris Morris
    "We had fantastic feed back from our guests about you!"
    Chris Morris
    20th July 2015
  • Anna Mullarkey, Marketing Communications Executive, Port of Milford Haven
      "We booked Luke to be part of our shore side entertainment for cruise passengers on three occasions. These busy events can be demanding but Luke worked his magic and captivated not just the passengers but our team as well. He is a delightful entertainer and a consummate professional and we would not hesitate to call upon his services again"
    Anna Mullarkey, Marketing Communications Executive, Port of Milford Haven
    19th July 2015
  • Paul Griffiths
    "Luke, you are a class above!"
    Paul Griffiths
    14th July 2015
  • Helen Louise Sealy
    "The magic was epic!"
    Helen Louise Sealy
    14th July 2015
  • Mr and Mrs Pickett
    "Thank you so much for yesterday, you blew everyone away with your amazing magic. So glad we bumped into you in the wedding faire. Absolutely brilliant."
    Mr and Mrs Pickett
    12th July 2015
  • Melissa Thorne
    "Thank you very much again for Saturday, our guests thought you were fantastic! Left a lot of people speechless!"
    Melissa Thorne
    8th July 2015
  • Collin Dimmick
    "All our guests thought you were fantastic, just the look on their faces when they couldn't get how the tricks were done!"
    Collin Dimmick
    5th July 2015
  • Michelle Phillips
    "Absolutely amazing!!! You blew all my guests away yesterday! Thank you so much."
    Michelle Phillips
    3rd July 2015
  • Victoria Jane Boyle
    "You were fantastic and everybody loved what you did! So clever! I was in awe! Thank you again."
    Victoria Jane Boyle
    28th June 2015
  • Hayley and Alistair Severs
    "A huge thank you for performing at our wedding on Saturday. It is not often that my now husband is speechless but we were well and truly blown away. We can not thank you enough for your attentiveness to each and every table and for your endless patience with the children who were determined to find a fault in your flawless magic. We have had nothing but praise and good feed back from our guests, huge thanks again."    
    Hayley and Alistair Severs
    23rd June 2015
  • Barry Morris
    "Fantastic act, really enjoyed Saturday, thank you."
    Barry Morris
    18th June 2015
  • Alanna Lan and Charles Lan
    "Everyone thought you were outstanding and you made the day very special. Thank you so much, and we will have to find another excuse to book you again soon!"
    Alanna Lan and Charles Lan
    14th June 2015
  • Charlotte, White Gate Caravan Park
    "What a brilliant night!!! Thank you to all the staff at The Mooring and to Luke for making my birthday truly magical! I will never forget that moment..."
    Charlotte, White Gate Caravan Park
    11th June 2015
  • Luke Davies
    "Last night Luke pulled a 20 note that I'd written my name on out of fruit that had been in someone else's hands the whole time. I now believe in magic."
    Luke Davies
    8th June 2015
  • Dick Francis
    "Nothing but praise, not only for the amazing talent, but also for the fantastic enthusiasm and interaction. Enjoyed every trick."
    Dick Francis
    5th June 2015
  • Caroline Webster
    "We all think you're amazing and will definitely book you for future events!!"
    Caroline Webster
    4th June 2015
  • Bethan & Rhydian Donati
    "We would like to start by thanking you enormously for such a successful day. Our guests were all in raptures over you and found you absolutely mind-blowing! They are still talking about you now!!  We would like to take this opportunity to give you the biggest thank you possible for making our day such a thrill and making our guests so shell-shocked!!"    
    Bethan & Rhydian Donati
    1st June 2015