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4th June 2014
Magician for hire this Sunday!
28th September 2014

Wedding Fayre in Neath

table magic

Tomorrow I will be attending a wedding fayre at the Glyn Clydach Hotel in Neath. Wedding fayres are a fantastic place to seek inspiration if you are getting married.  Understandably not many people have thought of booking a magician for their special day as it is only recently that magicians have become very popular for weddings.

The reason that magic goes down so well at weddings is because it is a great ice-breaker and introduces strangers to one another in a fun and baffling way. Often at weddings there are relatives who have not seen each other for years or there are groups of friends from both sides who have never met. A magician can provide moments of wonder and surprise that will stay with the guests providing a perfect conversation piece as well as leaving a lasting memory of a wonderful day.

I attend many wedding fayres as I like to show first-hand what I can offer. If you would like to see something special please drop by my stand and I will be delighted to give you a demonstration.


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