Jamie Raven on Britain’s Got Talent

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Jamie Raven on Britain’s Got Talent

Jamie Raven

Two weeks ago Jamie Raven caused a sensation on Britain’s Got Talent and appeared all over the press. His magic act was just great and even Simon Cowell, a guy who is not a great fan of magic was very impressed.

Since then, at every gig I have attended people have asked me “How did he do it?”

My answer….”Very well!”

There has been a huge amount of information about the trick he performed but the overall conclusion is that it was not about the trick but about the performance. This is what good magic should be, amazing and entertaining at the same time. If you did not get to see his act then there are videos out there to watch along with all manner of speculation as to the trick itself.

I look forward to seeing what else Jamie can offer us all!

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